IT consulting for the deployment of ITSM platforms

handz.on: Time and cost savings and greater acceptance

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handz.on – Deployment of IT service management platforms

Efficient, structured and independent: Professional IT consulting

Optimal cost planning and scheduling

For precisely defined implementation, we translate your requirements into a clear concept

High level of acceptance right from the start

With our experience in stakeholder management, we also achieve a high level of user acceptance within the various departments

Less waste of resources

We examine the extent to which existing elements can be integrated into your new IT landscape, thereby reducing costs

We guide you through all phases of your major ITSM solution project

The deployment of a new IT management platform involves considerable effort as well as major intervention in existing IT landscape and internal processes.

This demands not only optimal preparation and execution with respect to technical implementation, but also consideration of acceptance management as a key factor.

Our experienced IT experts dedicate themselves to these tasks. On the one hand, we create a precise implementation strategy based on your requirements, which also includes the reuse of existing elements. On the other hand, we boost user acceptance right from the start of the project and convince users of the benefits of the new ITSM solution.

To offer you the best possible solution, we adopt an impartial, multivendor approach and focus on your individual requirements.

  • Goal-oriented
    Exact calculation of costs and time through clearly defined concepts
  • User-oriented
    User-friendly solutions and professional stakeholder management
  • Solution-oriented
    Clear concept that covers all technical requirements

Deployment of ITSM platforms with handz.on

  • Analysis, design, implementationWe plan and implement your ITSM deployment according to your requirements and the status quo
  • Multivendor IT solutionsBecause we’re not tied to a specific vendor, we’ll find the solution that best meets your company’s needs
  • Accurate cost estimates
    Our extensive project experience means that we can provide an accurate cost estimate so that you can reliably plan your budget
We install your ITSM solution

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IT consulting for the deployment of IT service management platforms

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Your experts for deployment of your IT service management platform

Analysis, concept, implementation, support

Our experienced IT consultants will guide you through the deployment of your new ITSM platform. In addition to their specialized expertise, they also have experience in stakeholder management, which they leverage to ensure that your IT solution is fully accepted and integrated into your organization right from the very start.
handz.on: Your experts for deployment of your IT service management platform
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