30. March 2022

handz.on: IT consulting and development from a single source

The newly established Munich-based IT service provider focuses on enterprise service management and information security

Munich, January 13, 2022: Unrealistic cost estimates often send IT projects off the rails, leaving customers unable to use their products despite paying license and maintenance costs. handz.on has set out to change this. The Munich-based IT service provider specializes in enterprise service management and information security and offers a dual approach of both consulting and development. Its customers benefit from solid, realistic estimates and multitiered offers that allow precise budgeting and ensure a fast and reliable project launch.

handz.on GmbH is an exciting new player in the IT service provider market. Formerly known as scienITec GmbH, a company founded in 2008 and with offices in Munich and Dortmund, handz.on draws on many years of solid expertise to deliver real benefits for its customers.

Realistic estimates and a dual approach based on consulting and development

With handz.on, customers benefit from the company’s many years of experience, its well-founded, accurate cost estimates and its multitiered, transparent offers. This allows for precise budgeting and ensures a fast and reliable project launch. Another unique selling point of the company is its resilient dual approach of technical consulting and software development. The handz.on team only develops its own software in those areas in which it also has consulting expertise and only offers advice on the topics for which it can also implement its own solutions if desired.

Enterprise service management and Insightz.on

The IT service provider focuses on two areas of expertise. The first is enterprise service management (EMS). handz.on sees itself as an 
IT-to-business specialist and considers every project in relation to the goals of the respective company. Its IT processes must be so efficient that they can optimally support the specialist departments in day-to-day business and optimize business processes.

With the product Insightz.on, handz.on has developed its own software for this area, which visualizes data from different data sources and graphically displays their relationships in real time. The tool thus provides insightful information about correlations among the data points and supports companies in tasks such as troubleshooting, planning and risk assessment for change requests. The easy integration of data sources from different departments facilitates a comprehensive overview of the relationships throughout the entire company.

Information security and Privazy.on

The second area of expertise of handz.on is information security – a useful addition to ESM, which should feature in any expert consultation. handz.on offers a software solution in addition to consulting services in this respect as well. Privazy.on is particularly suitable for companies and authorities that process large amounts of and/or critical personal data in complex IT landscapes. All essential processes of operational data protection in the organization can be integrated into the software and each individual case can be monitored and documented. Unlike other data protection systems, Privazy.on is easily integrated into the existing ITSM solution and builds on the structure already in place. As a next step, the company plans to develop further products in its two focus areas and sell them directly via an online store as cloud services.

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